Fun Mother’s Day Gifts



Ah the elusive Mother’s Day Gift.  Somewhere between a nice card and something that costs however much you think your life is worth.  It was definitely easier when you could just draw her a picture and it would make her cry.

Not to worry, though, Madcapz has you covered.

Click here for great examples of Mother’s Day gifts, as shown on ABC 15 Arizona’s Sonoran Living Live Show:


Whether your mother can run circles around you, enjoys long walks around her neighborhood, or simply needs a hat to block out the sun when she sits on the porch, Madcapz has a woman’s baseball hat for you (or a woman’s visor). (I recommend any of our Pink Hats in particular for Mother’s day- unless of course your mother strongly hates the color pink).

Madcapz are also great to pair with other gifts.

Madcapz are also great to pair with other gifts.  Like if you got her a cruise, you could also give her an Ocean Madcapz, or if you got her a tennis racket, you could also give her a Serve n’ Volley Madcapz or if you gave her a Safari, you could also give her a EZ Zebra Madcapz  (I don’t really recommend that pairing, your mother might assume you intend to leave her with the other zebras, but the hat by itself is great!).

What have been your most successful Mother’s Day gifts?  You’re least successful?  If you’re a mother, what is your ideal Mother’s Day?

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