Happy Holidays


I have Let it Snow stuck in my head.  The mail man’s bag was filled with cardboard boxes.  White lights are decorating all of the trees.  This all means that the Holiday Season is most definitely upon us. 

So it’s time to pour yourself a rather large glass of eggnog, blast Baby It’s Cold Outside (by far my favorite Christmas carol) and embrace the season of giving.

But in all seriousness, Madcapz wishes you a wonderful, healthy, and family and friend filled Holiday Season.  We are so grateful for all of you. 

And because we love all of you, here’s a quick guide to surviving the Holiday Season:

1. Remember to take a moment for yourself.  Put on your favorite woman’s baseball cap and go on a walk, run or quick sprint to a cup of coffee.

2. Make sure you do the Holiday tasks you actually enjoy.  If you like baking, bake.  If you hate ice skating, I’m sure your sister who loves it will be willing to take the kids (it will be a great excuse for her to show off her new woman’s fashion visor).

3. Call a friend you don’t get to talk to much.  The Holiday Season is a great reason to reconnect with people.

4. Act like a kid again.  Getting excited about Santa coming down the chimney is fun whether or not you believe on him.

5. Have fun.

What’s your favorite thing about the Holiday Season?  Anything to add to our list?

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