Happy Holidays!


Reviewing 2012

And we’ve come to the last post of 2012.

It’s been one very full year.  We’ve had the presidential election, hurricanes, and national tragedies. 

We’ve had the conclusions to giant movie franchises with Batman and Twilight, and the beginning of new ones, the Hunger Games, the Avengers and the Hobbit.  We fell back in love with James Bond.

We’ve had the year of women. 

We learned that Kate Middleton was pregnant.

We’ve mastered Gangnam Style. We’ve hated Call Me Maybe.  We’ve rolled our eyes that Fun. has a period in its band name.  We still have no idea how to pronounce Gotye.

We’ve learned who Gossip Girl is.

We still have no idea who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother.

We said goodbye to Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.

We had the Olympics, where the opening ceremony involved Mary Poppins, sheep, and the Queen and James Bond jumping out of a plane.

We’ve learned an awful lot about Lena Dunham.

And we haven’t even gotten to whatever apocalyptic ending the Mayans have in store for us tomorrow.

Madcapz wishes you the best for the rest of 2012!  Happy Holidays!

And remember, when preparing for the end of the world, always remember your woman’s baseball caps.

What are your highlights from 2012?  What are you looking forward to in 2013?


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