Hat of the Week: A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz



A little dot’ll do for Oprah. 

Yup, that’s right, A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapzis appearing in O Magazine, having made the O List of “21 fabulous, feel good products that support the fight against breast cancer.” (You can check out the article here: O Magazine Features Madcapz .

As I’ve said before, but quite frankly it bears repeating, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So as you know, 20% of sales of A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz from now till October 31 will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

And here are my Top 5 Suggestions for Things To Do During Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

1. Buy Pink Products

2. Sign up for a Breast Cancer Walk

3. Educate yourself.  Learn about current information on Breast Cancer.  (We will be blogging about Breast Cancer until October 31 at http://madcapz.net/blog/)

4. Listen to someone’s story.  If you know someone diagnosed with (or recovered from) Breast Cancer, check in with them.  Maybe they will want to talk about cancer, maybe they’ll want to talk about anything but. Either way, what they have to say is valuable.

5.  Buy A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz .  You’ll look great, and you’ll be doing some good.

What should be added to this list?  Will you be picking up a copy of O Magazine this month?

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