Hat of the Week: A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz



A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz is watermelon colored and the white flecks kind of look like white seeds so I automatically think of eating watermelon, and summer, and picnics, and watermelon juice running down my cheek an staining my white dress.  I really like watermelon, but don’t worry, this post won’t be my musings on the giant fruit, instead it’s on…

7 Fictional People Who Would Never Wear This Hat But Would Be Much Happier If They Would (yeah, it’s a ridiculously long title, what of it?)

1. Sherlock Holmes:  How cool would it be if he ran around the British countryside in a Madcapz?  Maybe if everyone thought of him as liking this cheerful cap, people would come to him to solve problems that didn’t involve murder.

2. Cruella De Vil: Who needs puppy coats when spots can look this good on a pink Madcapz?

3. Betty Draper: She makes me sad.  I just want someone to put her in a watermelon colored cap and make her smile.

4. Captain Ahab: It’s easy to get sun burned on a boat. He could use a hat.   Maybe after seeing this hat he would become obsessed with Madcapz, which is far less dangerous than a giant whale.

5. Maggie the Cat:  Ok, so this Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  character would probably be doomed to a life of unhappiness with or without this woman’s fashion accessory (this is a Tennessee Williams play after all).  But, the sun is awfully strong in Mississippi, and she could really use a hat.  And as a very fashionable woman, she would know how cute A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz is.

6. Lady Macbeth: Out out damn spot-wait what are those little spots on my baseball cap?  Oh those aren’t spots at all, those are just cute rain dropped shape flecks.  I’m happy now.  If only I’d had this hat before I killed that guy. Oh well.

7. Snow White’s Evil Stepmother: Do we even know her name? Anyway, if she had this woman’s baseball hat, maybe she’d have spent more time taking long walks through the forest with the huntsman, rather than trying to kill Snow White.

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