Hat of the Week: Autumn Leaves Madcapz



So it’s raining where I am, so I’m writing about fall.  That may only make sense in my head, but when it’s summer but not beautiful outside, my mind drifts to other seasons. Fall is one my favorite seasons, but I feel like it goes by the fastest of all of them. So I try to put a little fall in my summer.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Break out Autumn Leaves Madcapz before the summer is over.

1. Trees look nice in the summer and all, but this woman’s baseball cap can help to remind you of all those beautiful leaf colors when you’re a little sick of green.

2. Sometimes during summer, I want to curl up into a giant sweater, but it’s too hot.  Autumn Leaves Madcapz gives you that sense of coziness without the extra layers.

3. Sometimes you have to wear fall colors, and need a fall baseball cap to go with your outfit.

4. Because the next best thing to jumping into a pile of leaves, is wearing some on your head.

5.  Because Autumn Leaves Madcapz is your favorite Madcapz and you couldn’t possibly leave it in your closet all summer.

What’s your favorite season?  What fall clothes do you miss during summer?


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