Hat of the Week: Aztec Jade Madcapz



So the Aztecs haven’t exactly been in the news lately (we can’t all be the Mayan’s, predicting the end of the world).  But while they might not be the ancient culture du jour, they are still pretty awesome and would have enjoyed our Aztec Jade Madcapz.  In their honor, we list the other periods of history that would have eagerly worn Madcapz.

Top 5 historical groups who would have enjoyed Madcapz:

1. Nobility at Versailles: These people probably had more in common with Paris Fashion Week than one would think.  Being in style was very important at Versailles, and fashions changed from year to year.  They would have enjoyed our fashion forward woman’s baseball caps, even if they wouldn’t know what baseball was.

2. Victorian Women:  At the end of the 19th century, women’s hats were getting more outlandish, garnished with silk flowers, ribbons and feathers.  Our Madcapz are just as dynamic, without the annoying environmentalist yelling about killing birds for their feathers.

3. Flappers:  These women would have enjoyed these woman’s baseball caps, as they are similarly compact to the cloche hat, and they would have felt very modern.

4. Revolutionary War Soldiers: Ok, so enjoyed might be the wrong word, but instead of the three-corner hat, it would be awesome to see George Washington in any of our Madcapz.  Plus it’s easy to get sunburn crossing rivers, and our hats would have protected their skin.

5. The Egyptians: No, they didn’t really wear hats. But woman’s baseball hats would have been helpful in protecting against the Egyptian sun.  And we know the pharaohs would have put them in their tombs, to wear in the afterlife.

Any other historical groups that would have liked Madcapz?  What do you think of the Aztec Jade Madcapz?

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