Hat of the Week: EZ Zebra Madcapz



Life can be difficult. How’s that for a gross understatement/oversimplification/overused phrase? Forgiving my less than insightful opening line, here at Madcapz we really would like your life to be easier.  Or at least a little more fun. Let us help you out with our EZ Zebra Madcapz.

7 things that are easier (EZier?) when wearing your EZ Zebra Madcapz:

1. Grocery shopping. Who cares what you’re buying?  Everyone will be looking at your hat.

2.  Your morning commute.  Your woman’s baseball cap will show everyone that you’re well dressed with a little bit of attitude, the kind of woman you want to give up your seat to.

3. Your morning run.  You can imagine you’re on a Safari as opposed to just counting the steps till the run is over.

4. Getting your kids to do their chores.  They’ll be too mesmerized by the animal on your head to remember to argue with you.

5. Getting dressed.  This Madcapz is subtle enough that it goes with everything, and fun enough that it jazzes up even simple outfits.

6. Doing dishes.  It might just be me, but when I know I look good, even cleaning seem more bearable.

7.  Your day.  This woman’s baseball cap is sure to give you that EZ confidence which makes everything better.

What do you think of EZ Zebra Madcapz? What steps do you take to make your life easier?

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