Hat of the Week: Painted Posies



In honor of the fact that I think that it really should be spring by now, here is a little bit of spring on your head, our Painted Posies Madcapz.  And some advice on how to wear it.

Do wear this woman’s baseball cap to picnics.

Don’t wear it in places where spring is still very far away, the locals may attack you.

Do wear this fun woman’s fashion accessory on hikes through the woods.

Don’t wear it while planting flowers; this will result in bad jokes about how you should plant yourself.

Do wear it when you need to add a little bit of fun to your outfit.

Don’t wear it to a sunflower themed party; it is not the right flower.

Do wear it anywhere that needs a little touch of spring.

Any other dos and don’ts of wearing Madcapz?  Are you ready for spring or enjoying the last few weeks of winter?

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