Hats and the Kentucky Derby



I’m beginning to think that Madcapz should do a calendar for all of the times that it is socially appropriate to wear ridiculous hats.  There’s the spring and fall fashion week, horse races, Easter, Halloween, and a Royal wedding.  And that’s just off the top of my head.

Anyway, this week we’re talking about the women’s hats at the Kentucky Derby.

Click here to see photos of the hats from the Kentucky Derby: Women’s Hats

I liked the In Praise of Mint Juleps Hat and the Tim Burton Hat best. I do kind of wonder about the people wearing the hats though.  I get the ones that are clearly ridiculous homages to the Kentucky Derby.  If you have some spare money and even more spare time, I think they might be fun to create.  But I’m confused by the women’s hats that don’t seem to have to do with Kentucky Derby, and are still hideous.  I suppose it’s a tradition to wear absurd hats, but do these people walk out of the house thinking “I look good?” I guess if it makes them happy…

Also, am I the only one creeped out by the horse heads on the hats?

What do you think of the hats?  Which ones are your favorites? If you had the chance, would you wear a ridiculous hat to the Kentucky Derby?


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