How To Make A Straw Hat

Making Straw Hats Woven by Machine


Even though Madcapz are women’s baseball caps, we are fascinated by lots of women’s hat styles. We think this is so cool – instructions on how to make your own straw hat:

1)     Dampen the straw by dipping it in water. Dry until the straw is flexible. (the bigger the hat the more straw will be needed)

2)     Turn one end of the straw under, like making a hem.  Close the end by sewing a few stitches with a hand-sewing needle and nylon thread.

3)     Curve the end of what was done in the previous step as you machine stitch the woven straw into a circle shape using a free arm sewing machine. Allow the edge of the straw to slip underneath as you continue to stitch along the circle pattern, making it larger.

4)     Continue to curve the straw and stitch until your desired size.

5)     Cut the end of the bundle straw with sharp fabric scissors. Turn the end under and repeat Step 2. Finish the crown by tucking the end at the hat’s center back.

To finish the hat using the machine visit the website by clicking on the photo below:



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