Hurricane Sandy


Today is an interesting day.  The east coast is still recovering from the horrible force of hurricane Sandy.  It’s Halloween. It’s the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Out of the three of these, I’m guessing only one of these is on your mind (and which one that is may depend a fair amount on your geographical location).  However, all three are somewhat on my mind.

Also, I’m kind of wondering which hat to wear.  This may sound a little trivial, but I find that the woman’s baseball cap I choose to wear has a lot to do with my mood, and then continues to affect my mood as I keep wearing it.  I don’t have a hurricane/pumpkin pink MadcapzI feel like I have to choose between the three dominating forces in my life.  But I want to promote breast cancer awareness and contemplate the destruction that the hurricane caused, and still celebrate (however bizarrely) Halloween.

I’ll let you know if I figure out a way to do all three effectively.  Until then, I’m going to eat some candy, and continue to make sure that everyone I love is safe.

Hope you all are ok!

Did the storm affect you? Are you still going to celebrate Halloween?

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