Madcapz and Winter


Martini Hat

Snow’s beautiful when it’s falling.  It’s fun the day after it falls, when it’s ideal for sledding, snow ball fights, and an excellent excuse to drink hot chocolate.

On the fourth day, not so much. It’s turned a weird sort of slush/ice hybrid, and is now a gray color that is not found in nature. 

Winter is kind of like that.  It’s nice in December, when there’s holiday excitement and hopes of a white Christmas.  It’s not too bad in January.  You spend the first half of the month recovering from December, and the second half of the month just kind of happens.

Then there’s February, where every day feels like a month.  I’m pretty sure it’s the shortest month of the year, because no one could stand another day of it.

So, if you, like me, are suffering from the winter blues, I have several solutions for you, to help you get through February, Madcapz style.

You can try to remember what you like about winter.  Put on a Snowflake Madcapz, and pretend that the hours you spent shoveling were secretly fun.  This woman’s baseball cap will remind you of the excitement of the initial snow fall. 

Or you could go the other way and try to imagine yourself into summer.  Grab your Ocean Madcapzand create a little beach in your living room.

Or if, all else fails, wear your Olive and Twist Madcapz martini hat, and remember that February is only 28 days (actual martini optional).

Are you struggling with winter blues or are you still enjoying it?  Were you affected by Nemo?

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