New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade




I know that Easter was eight days ago, but I just ran across this article/slide show about New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade, and it was too good to not share with you.

Click here for the slide show from the Bonnet Parade: BONNET PARADE

These men and woman’s fashion accessories range from normal to fashion show weird to why would you think to put that on your head. And to be honest, they tend toward the stranger end of the spectrum.

Which brings me to my question of the day (I don’t really have questions of the day but that sounded better than question of some arbitrary unit of time), if there were no such thing as “fashionable,” how would we dress? If no one told us that the woman’s hat shows in the picture above was not a good look, would we go around dressing like that?

I think that we would actually go the other way.  If there was no fashion world, we’d probably just cut out two arm holes and a head hole in a pillow case and wear that around. I think the notion of fashionably keeps up wearing the more ridiculous, as opposed to stopping us.

Does what’s fashionable influence how you dress or are you a pillow case kind of gal? Somewhere in between?  Do you like the Easter bonnets?

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