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Woman’s Fashion: Bathing Suits

Friday, June 1st, 2012



So, it’s getting hot.  It’s getting hot to the point where I’m regularly fantasizing about taking a day (or three) off work and heading to the beach for an incredibly refreshing dip in the (at this point in the year, freezing) ocean.  While you and I know that Madcapz are a necessary part of any trip to the beach, I will concede that’s there’s one equally important woman’s fashion item: the bathing suit.

Click here to read a guide to this seasons’ bathing suits: BATHING SUIT GUIDE

For those of us who would prefer not go prancing around the pool in an itsy bitsy teen weenie polka dot bikini (even if we theoretically would look great in it), I have some good news.  No, they have not found a way to light the dressing room so that everyone looks fantastic.  Nor have they started serving champagne, or you know, Xanax.  But this season’s styles are more about creating a flattering silhouette, than having you walk around practically naked.  Bathing suits, like all woman’s fashion this year, have a healthy helping of retro (high waists are making a comeback) and plenty of prints.  Cut-outs and one shoulder swim suits are big this year, and are a great way to make sure eyes are drawn only where you want them.

So while muumuus may never be all the rage, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will make you look (and feel) way better that any giant piece of fabric ever could.  So grab your favorite woman’s baseball cap and find the bathing suit that works for you.

Do you dread bathing suit shopping, or do you think people make a big deal over nothing?  What bathing suit trends are you most excited about?