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Fashion Accessories: New Shoes

Friday, July 20th, 2012


My shoes tend to look beat up.  This is partially because I walk a lot.  It’s also because every new pair of shoes I get leaves my feet blistered, so once I’ve worn down the shoes and built up callouses I don’t want to bother doing that with any other pair of shoe, so I just wear the same pair forever.

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I feel like uncomfortable new shoes are fairly accepted in life, but you don’t expect to have to do this with any other fashion accessory or fashion item. You don’t get blisters on your neck from wearing a new necklace.  A new pair of earrings doesn’t leave me counting down the moments till I can take them off.  And Madcapz should be comfortable from the moment you put them on.  Clothing isn’t designed so that you have to stretch it out (I guess jeans are the exception to this, but I don’t expect my jeans to hurt the first time I wear them, unlike my shoes).

I guess my point is that shoes should be comfortable.  Considering that we can now ask our phone where the nearest deli and it will, using its own voice, tell you the answer, I feel like we should be able to create a comfortable shoe.

Do you find you have to wear in your shoes?  Do you have any tricks you use to making your shoes more comfortable?