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Mirror Fasts

Saturday, October 13th, 2012



I don’t consider myself particularly vain.  I have never been someone who takes hours to get ready. But I must admit I look at myself in every possible reflection.  I laugh when I see people walk by a restaurant I’m in, and see people check themselves out in the window, with the slight embarrassment that I do that to.

I mean, I have to know how my outfit and fashion accessories look, or I couldn’t possibly go out of the house, right?

Well, apparently, some people are going on “mirror fasts” where they abstain from looking at themselves in any reflective surfaces for a set period of time.

Click here to read an article on: MIRROR FASTS 

I could tell a couple of lies here.  The first one would be that I would have no problem doing this.  That I could just throw on a woman’s baseball cap and head out the door.  The truth is, is that I would have a huge problem not checking how I looked at least before I left the house.

The second lie I could tell would be that I’m one of those people who need to see how they look before they go out in public.  I put my sweater on backwards and inside out.  I wear tights that have a giant run in them, because instead of throwing them out I simply put them back in my sock drawer.  I spill coffee on my shirt and I don’t even notice.  Without mirrors I would never notice these things.

The truth is, is that these problems could all be solved by looking at the clothes before they go on me, and feeling them with my hands when they do.  Mirrors don’t catch these mistakes as often as I think they do. 

And the truth of the matter is that I would probably be happier if I looked in the mirror less, and just trust that my Madcapz was correctly positioned on my head.

What do you guys think of “Mirror fasts?”  Could you do one?


Fashion Video Games

Monday, August 20th, 2012



Fashion video games will be coming to a store near you, or in current terminology, an app store in your phone.

Click here to read about: NEW FASHION VIDEO GAME

This video game involves no dressing up of models, but instead has the models avoiding obstacles (mostly each other) while going down the video game.

Personally, I would never play this game, but I am very much not in their target demographic (my strategy with video games has always been to push all of the buttons until something happens).  However, what I found interesting about this game was that it didn’t seem to be targeted to fashionistas (who I secretly think play Mario cart in their down time), but instead it’s targeted at girls who want to play video games but are sick of male dominated subject matters and protagonists.

As a little girl, I liked to dress my dolls up in various dresses and fashion accessories and then play out long and elaborate stories, so I would prefer if you could pick the models outfit and then have her do all of the action stuff.  I mean why does it have to be about fashion models if there is no fashion involved?  Simply having mainly female characters in an action video game might be enough to draw in more female gamers.

To sum up, I don’t really know how I feel about this game.  I know I would like it better if the models got to wear Madcapz.

What do you think about this game?  Would you play it or buy it for your daughter?

Fashion Accessories Are Having Their Day

Monday, August 13th, 2012




Every dog must have its day, and now is the time for fashion accessories to shine.

Women’s fashion has been struggling in this economy, but fashion accessories have been growing.  Click here to read an article on the growth of: Fashion Accessories

This makes sense to me.  If your fashion budget has shrunk, a new purse can update your wardrobe, without purchasing all new clothes.  And a purse can be worn more than a new shirt.

The article also gave a shout-out to my favorite accessory, women’s fashion hats, citing Kate Middleton’s wedding as placing a new emphasis on hats.

I’m not going to lie and say that if my fashion budget was unlimited I wouldn’t be constantly reinventing my wardrobe.  New clothes are fun to wear (and show off).  However, my budget is not unlimited, but I’m kind of ok with that.  New clothes are great.  But so are some of my “old” clothes. I’ve always preferred adding a couple of classic, wearable, new items that go with my old items to completely changing my wardrobe every season.  I think fashion accessories are one of the best ways to give your outfit a fresh new look, even if you’ve been wearing it since last fall.

Do you find that new fashion accessories are the most cost-effective way to update a look? Would you rather a new pair of shoes or a new blouse?


Olympic Uniforms: Egypt’s Controversy

Friday, July 27th, 2012


The Olympics start today, and in honor of that fact, I’m bringing you one last Olympic uniform controversy.

Click here to read an article about how Egypt has Nike and Adidas knock off uniforms: EGYPT’S OLYMPIC UNIFORMS

The gist of the article is that due to Egypt’s economic problems, they signed with a Chinese distributor who sold them knock off Nike and Adidas uniforms and fashion accessories.  The Egyptian government appeared to know that these were knock offs and are now in discussions with Nike on how to remedy the situation.

I understand that the economy is bad in Egypt and that buying designer brand uniforms might have been out of the question, but did they not think that Nike or Adidas would care?  I’m beginning to think all countries should just have to wear the same uniform so that it doesn’t become a question of which country can afford which clothes, a high school hallway situation on the world wide stage.  Yes, I’m suggesting a school uniform for the Olympics.

I’m excited for the actual games to begin.  I mean, does anyone remember what Michael Phelps was wearing last summer?

Are you sick of all the uniform and fashion accessory drama from the Olympics?  What do you think Olympic athletes should wear? What games are you most excited for?

Woman’s Baseball Caps are “In” This Spring

Friday, April 27th, 2012



There is a new trend sweeping the nation and it’s…WOMAN’S BASEBALL CAPS!

Click here for the New York Times Style Section article on woman’s baseball caps:  NEW YORK TIMES STYLE SECTION

So sweeping the nation might be a slight stretch, but this is definitely the third article I’ve seen about this, and you know what they say, one is nothing, two is a coincidence, three is a trend.

And they clearly aren’t men’s hats, they are designed for women.  Some even have patterns on them. Now please excuse me for a second while I pat myself on the back for being ahead of the curve.

We all know that woman’s baseball caps are great for sports, whether it’s tennis, running, hiking, or walking to the field to watch your kid play a sport.  But I feel like that’s selling them short.  There’s just too much potential there. There’s no reason that these hats have to be confined to days when you don’t shower.  Woman’s baseball caps should be meant to, and Madcapz are meant to, be worn when you already look great, and the hat adds something to the outfit.

OK, but you know that I think this.  I’m just glad that the rest of the world is finally coming around to my way of thinking.

Are you glad that these hats are finally getting their day in the spotlight? What do you think of the other fashion accessories in this slide show?

New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade

Monday, April 16th, 2012




I know that Easter was eight days ago, but I just ran across this article/slide show about New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade, and it was too good to not share with you.

Click here for the slide show from the Bonnet Parade: BONNET PARADE

These men and woman’s fashion accessories range from normal to fashion show weird to why would you think to put that on your head. And to be honest, they tend toward the stranger end of the spectrum.

Which brings me to my question of the day (I don’t really have questions of the day but that sounded better than question of some arbitrary unit of time), if there were no such thing as “fashionable,” how would we dress? If no one told us that the woman’s hat shows in the picture above was not a good look, would we go around dressing like that?

I think that we would actually go the other way.  If there was no fashion world, we’d probably just cut out two arm holes and a head hole in a pillow case and wear that around. I think the notion of fashionably keeps up wearing the more ridiculous, as opposed to stopping us.

Does what’s fashionable influence how you dress or are you a pillow case kind of gal? Somewhere in between?  Do you like the Easter bonnets?

Hunger Games in Fashion

Friday, March 23rd, 2012



I’m going to go ahead and assume you don’t live under a rock (and if you do, that’s some prime real estate you got there), so I think you probably know that the The Hunger Games is opening today. This dystopia based on the young adult series has an absurd amount of buzz, and has migrated to all sections of the internet.  Even fashion and fashion accessories (because when you think of dystopia, you automatically think “I wonder what they’re wearing”).

To be fair, this is a movie, and even films about dying children in Africa have a costume designer. And the Hunger Games, going mostly on the trailer, has some pretty cool costumes.

Click here for Judianna Makovsky’s discussion of her costume designs: Hunger Games Costumes

I always think that the creation of new worlds in movies and books is interesting, because to be believable the worlds have to have their own rules. These rules have to govern everything from what they eat to what they wear.  And what they wear has to be in line with the aesthetics of the production, be something that the character would wear, but also demonstrate the fashion rules of that particular type of culture.

On a side note, I also really like Elizabeth Bank’s giant purple flower fashion accessory (reminds me of some weird combination of Painted Posies Madcapz and Purple Passion Madcapz).

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games?  Are the costumes how you imagined them in the book?