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Fashionable Sportswear

Monday, May 14th, 2012




So, apparently the fashion world has finally accepted that you should be able to feel good in your clothes while looking good.  Glad they’ve come around to Madcapz way of thinking.

Click here to read an article on Sportswear: From Slouchy to Sexy

So apparently, it’s the era of the track suit.  And no, I am not suggesting that Sue Sylvester is going to be the epitome of fashion.  I mean, according to the article, in order for it to be acceptable to wear track suit pants, it’s necessary to pair them with high heels (wouldn’t it be nice if really comfortable shoes were the height of fashion? If only just for a month…). 

What I find interesting about fashionable sportswear is that it takes something that is comfortable and easy to move in and makes it fashionable.  This shouldn’t be that novel a concept, but I feel like most designer make a garment and it might be comfortable, it might not be, it’s kind of irrelevant (this may explain the popularity of leggings and maxi dresses, they are both comfortable and fashionable). I like the idea of taking the wearer’s needs as a starting point for fashion design, as opposed to being an afterthought.

At Madcapz, we realized that women needed a baseball cap that actually fit them, so we created really cute ones that actually fit them, instead of creating a cute cap that might or might not fit.