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Golf Visors and Golfers in the Woman’s Australian Open

Friday, February 10th, 2012



I know that here at Madcapz, we don’t talk so much about actual golf tournaments, but in honor of the fact that an American, Stacy Lewis, is currently tied for first at the Australian Open, I’m embracing my patriotism and unabashedly rooting for her (plus there are photos of her in a pink hat so I suspect that we are kindred spirits).

Click here for more information on the Woman’s Australian Open

I wonder how she feels about her hats or her clothes in general.  I mean, I’m guessing that golf visors mainly serves to protect your eyes and your face from the sun, and that sponsors may dictate which hats you wear.  Functionality and appropriateness are probably the biggest factors in clothing decisions.  However, this still leaves some choice, or else all golfers would look the same.   Does Stacy Lewis have a lucky golf cap or an unlucky shirt?  I think that she should wear any lucky clothing she might have, so she can outright win the tournament.

Do you have a lucky golf cap?  How do you choose what you wear on the course?