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Hat of the Week: Animal Safari Madcapz

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


I’m going on a safari and I’m bringing an aardvark, a boa constrictor, a crocodile and a donkey. What about you?

Yes, I know that game is usually played by saying I’m going on a picnic, and perhaps more pressingly, that I don’t think I‘d see any of those animals on a safari.  But creative license or something.

So, you may have guessed from my opening that this week’s Madcapz is Animal Safari Madcapz. And I have for your reading pleasure, a list of places it would be bad to wear your Animal Safari Madcapz.

Top 5 Places Not to Wear an Animal Safari Madcapz (and one where you should)

1. Do not wear an Animal Safari Madcapz on a whale watching trip.  People will just think you are confused.

2. Do not wear your animal print woman’s baseball cap on an actual safari.  They might confuse you with the animals and leave you behind.

3. Do not wear your leopard baseball cap to a Detroit Tigers baseball games, fans will get offended.

4. Do not wear this woman’s baseball cap to a Tarzan viewing party. It’s just a little too on the nose.

5. Do not wear this woman’s fashion accessory to play with Gazelles.  They will all be afraid of you and run away.

6. DO wear Animal Safari Madcapz anywhere you want to feel stylish, funky and all around great about yourself!

And also Happy Fourth of July!

Where would you wear Animal Safari Madcapz? Where’s your favorite place to wear any of your Madcapz?