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Pink Baseball Caps

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Pink Caps Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

pinkphotoValentine’s Day is coming and aren’t you sick of chocolate, flowers and scarves? What about a pink Valentine’s Day gift she will actually wear? What about PINK baseball caps? What about Pink Madcapz?

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Pink Ladies Fashion Baseball Caps On Sale

Friday, January 17th, 2014

All Pink Baseball Caps On Sale Now!

Pink CapsAll of our fabulous pink ladies fashion baseball caps are on sale now for up to 50% off! That’s a bargain and it only happens once a year – NOW!

So start shopping and select the cutest pink baseball caps available: polk dot pink caps, sparkly pink caps, and more!

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Get Your Pink Caps For October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Pink Cap For October Breast Cancer Walk

Pink Caps

Plan ahead for your October walk for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by purchasing your pink caps today! Select from a wide range of fun pink baseball caps for yourself and your team members. We offer group discounts for teams over 12 so contact us at for more info.

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Pink Caps For October

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Pink Caps For Your October Walk or Team Run

Pink Caps

Are you planning on walking or running in a team walk this October? It’s not too early to start planning for your team! Whether you are walking with a friend or a group, our pink caps will have you stand out in the crowd! We have lots of pink baseball caps to choose from: polka dots and glitter and more. Shop now for your team’s pink caps for October: PINK CAPS

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Valentine’s Day Guide

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


Pink Petals Madcapz on Sale

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you want to do something original. On perhaps the most cliché filled holiday, this is no easy task.  You want to do something clever, without completely mocking the whole thing.

You don’t want to give flowers, that’s too easy (I’m not against flowers.  I enjoy getting flowers, but we’re going for originality here).  Giving a bag of flour is a little too far on the mocking side (plus then the person has to deal with a bag of flour).  So might we suggest Pink Petals Madcapz.

This pink woman’s baseball cap is covered with pink rose petals.  It’s perfect for the flower lover, and is way more wearable then a bouquet.

All of the pink baseball caps and visors are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but Pink Petals Madcapz seems particularly fitting. This hat is perfect for the woman who longs for spring days spent in the garden or the park, who misses sun dresses all winter long, and who starts wearing sandals at the first hint of warm weather. And, of course, it’s perfect for anyone who likes rose petals.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, Pink Petals Madcapz is the perfect blend of sweetness, cleverness and originality. 

A little less than two weeks till Valentine’s Day, are you ready?  Do you like getting flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Madcapz

Thursday, January 31st, 2013


Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day approaches!

Whether you’ve been mastering Valentine’s Day as a couple for decades, just starting out, or learning how to be single on Valentine’s Day, chances are it’s a holiday that cause some nervousness.

Never fear, Madcapz has you covered.  We survived New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Hanukah, and Thanksgiving with you.  We can certainly get through Valentine’s Day together.

So, for a Valentine’s Day gift, might I suggest Celebration Madcapz?

While this hat is clearly ideal for any women who likes pink baseball caps, I think it’s best suited for a woman who likes to add sparkle to everyday things.   Celebration Madcapz is a bright pink cap with a shimmer of silver running through it. This hat is a great gift for the woman who truly loves to celebrate whether it’s for big events or small ones.

Celebration Madcapz is best for your wife if she’s the kind of woman whose New Year’s Eve outfit is not complete without at least one shimmering item.  This pink woman’s cap is ideal for the friend who sometimes puts on heels to go to the grocery store because she found a new recipe and is picking up the ingredients for it.

Celebration Madcapz is for any woman who wants to feel a little bit special this Valentine’s Day (and if you’re buying her a woman’s baseball cap, she probably is).

Which of your friends would like a Celebration Madcapz?  Do you find Valentine’s Day Stressful?

Hat of the Week: Pink Petals

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012


Disney Princesses that would love this Pink Petals Madcapz

1. Snow White: Between two feature movies, and a prominent role on Once Upon a Time, I’d say that Snow White is having a pretty good year (press wise that is, she still has that crazy step mother to deal with).  You know what would make her year better though?  A woman’s baseball cap.  I think that this one is demure enough to appeal to Snow White’s taste.  Plus, it would go really well with her “skin white as snow.”

2. Sleeping Beauty: Personally, I find Sleeping Beauty to be more interesting than Snow White.  I think this may be because her parent’s choice to keep her in the woods with three crazy women till she was an adult seemed as cruel as Maleficent’s desire to have her sleep for a hundred years.  Anyway, when you spend most of your time wandering through the woods, you need a woman’s baseball cap to block your face from the sun. Pink Petals Madcapz would also help her blend in with the flower around her; in case an evil witch came looking for her.

3. Jasmine:  It’s been my experience that when floating around the earth on a magic carpet, your chances  getting sun burn increase exponentially with each whole new world you see.  Princess Jasmine, may we suggest you have the genie whip you up a woman’s baseball cap to protect your skin.

4.  Belle: Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. Belle is one of the few princesses who’s intelligence is often referenced, and one of the even fewer who don’t fall in love with the prince based on first sight.  Instead she actually gets to know the man (a ridiculous concept, but hey, they were trying something new).  Anyway, Madcapz is geared to smart, beautiful women, so Belle should fit right in.  Pink Petals Madcapz is ideal for sitting in the garden, reading to your prince.

Hat of the Week: A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012



A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz is watermelon colored and the white flecks kind of look like white seeds so I automatically think of eating watermelon, and summer, and picnics, and watermelon juice running down my cheek an staining my white dress.  I really like watermelon, but don’t worry, this post won’t be my musings on the giant fruit, instead it’s on…

7 Fictional People Who Would Never Wear This Hat But Would Be Much Happier If They Would (yeah, it’s a ridiculously long title, what of it?)

1. Sherlock Holmes:  How cool would it be if he ran around the British countryside in a Madcapz?  Maybe if everyone thought of him as liking this cheerful cap, people would come to him to solve problems that didn’t involve murder.

2. Cruella De Vil: Who needs puppy coats when spots can look this good on a pink Madcapz?

3. Betty Draper: She makes me sad.  I just want someone to put her in a watermelon colored cap and make her smile.

4. Captain Ahab: It’s easy to get sun burned on a boat. He could use a hat.   Maybe after seeing this hat he would become obsessed with Madcapz, which is far less dangerous than a giant whale.

5. Maggie the Cat:  Ok, so this Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  character would probably be doomed to a life of unhappiness with or without this woman’s fashion accessory (this is a Tennessee Williams play after all).  But, the sun is awfully strong in Mississippi, and she could really use a hat.  And as a very fashionable woman, she would know how cute A Little Dot’ll Do Ya Madcapz is.

6. Lady Macbeth: Out out damn spot-wait what are those little spots on my baseball cap?  Oh those aren’t spots at all, those are just cute rain dropped shape flecks.  I’m happy now.  If only I’d had this hat before I killed that guy. Oh well.

7. Snow White’s Evil Stepmother: Do we even know her name? Anyway, if she had this woman’s baseball hat, maybe she’d have spent more time taking long walks through the forest with the huntsman, rather than trying to kill Snow White.

Hat of the Week: Celebration Madcapz

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


“Celebrate good times, come on”

What are we celebrating? Well, I am celebrating that yesterday was the first day of spring, and that the weather seems to have gotten the memo.  Perhaps you’re celebrating something more meaningful or less, either way “let’s all celebrate and have a good time.”

Here are the 5 reasons that celebrating with the Celebration Madcapz will make your celebration way better:

1. The color pink is like blondes, it just has more fun, and so pink baseball caps will make you have/be more fun.

2.  With a shimmer of silver running through the cap, making you a little shiny, so you’ll feel more festive.  (If this logic doesn’t make sense to you, then think about other shiny things, confetti, disco balls tiaras… all very festive.)

3. It’s perfect for picnics, barbecues, birthday parties, and those every so common Legally Blonde parties.

4. Whether you wear pink once in a while or every day, when other people see you wearing a pink fashion accessory, they will know that you are here to have fun, and they will act more fun around you.

5. It’s called Celebration Madcapz, so even if you’re just wearing it to go to the grocery store, you’ll feel like you’re going to a party.


Pink Caps For October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Women’s Caps Give Back In October


For the month of October, Madcapz is donating $2.00 for every product sold, PINK or otherwise, to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And today we are featuring our PINK sparkly Celebration Madcapz!

This fabulous PINK cap will add pizzazz to any outfit! And, you’ll be donating to a worthy cause, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So, order your Celebration Madcapz for you or a friend today!

What’s your favorite PINK Madcapz?