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Spring Is Here & So Are Polka Dots!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Polka Dot Madcapz Perfect Spring Accessory


Today feels like Spring: birds are chirping, the sun is poking out, and trees are blooming! (About time and so long winter.)

Time to freshen up your Spring wardrobe and what better way to say Hello Spring than with our new Dotty Madcapz? This fun polka dot cap is a cross between a pink and orchid color, a perfect hue to welcome Spring!

Buy your polka dot hat now and help us welcome Spring: BUY DOTTY MADCAPZ

Hat of the Week: Dot to Dot Madcapz

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


So I’m feeling a little mischievous today, but don’t worry, this hat is still great even if you’re not trying to trick anybody while wearing it.

Top 8 Ways to Mess with People While Wearing this Woman’s Baseball Cap

1. Tell them that the woman’s baseball cap is white; you don’t know what dots they’re talking about.

2. Tell them that all the dots on this woman’s fashion accessory are the same color.

3. Tell them that the dots form a picture, and it should be really obvious what it is.

4. Tell them it’s actually a new form of the “connect the dots” game.

5. Explain that all tennis whites have little dots on them, and marvel at the fact they haven’t noticed this before.

6. Tell them that before they talk to you, they have to count all of the dots on this white cap, and then slightly move the cap whenever they get to a number above ten.

7. Let them know that the woman’s baseball cap is actually a metaphor for racial equality in this country; don’t explain it any further (this one works best if you walk away, shaking your head slowly when they don’t understand it).

8. Wear the hat whenever you hang out with one person, and act like it’s new every time (trust me, you’ll want to wear the hat all of the time anyway, you should get to mess with someone’s head while doing it).


Hat of the Week: Polka Dot Pink Hat

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012




It’s Wenedsday and I’m in a polka dots mood.  And a pink mood.  I think it might be an attempt to push myself through the week by being super upbeat  on a Wednesday (maybe Mean Girls was on to something with the line “on Wednesdays we wear pink”).

To me, a polka dot hat is the ultimate fun woman’s hat.  Wednesdays are the ultimate not fun day.  Yes you survived Monday and Tuesday but you still have Thursday and Friday.  And you haven’t quite gotten through Wednesday yet. 

So might I suggest along with you venti double shot caramel latte (or coffee black, whatever works for you), grab a polka dot hat, and enjoy your Wednesday.

You’re on your own for Thursday.

What’s your least favorite day of the week?  What hat would you choose to get you through a blah day?

Polka Dot Hat As Summer Accessory

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Polka Dot Hats Are Here!


Love polka dots and looking for a polka dot hat? Look no further! Madcapz offers polka dot hats and visors in many different colors. Whether you fancy pink polka dots, aqua polka dots, white polka dots, or brown – we have a Madcapz polka dot hat you’ll love! Always in style and so fun to wear! Check out our polka dot prints today!


What’s your favorite polka dot print?