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Polka Dot Caps Are Here For Spring

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Madcapz Polka Dot Caps For Spring

Polka Dot CapsDon’t you just love polka dots? Well, now you can have a polka dot cap to wear this spring! Our selection of polka dot caps are fun accessories to freshen up your spring wardrobe. We’ve got brown dots on pink, turquoise dots on brown, multi-colored dots on white and more! Come see what we’ve got in polka dot caps for women: POLKA DOT CAPS

Hat of the Week: Aqua Dot Madcapz

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


I love polka dots.  Really love them.  I’m currently wearing polka dots.  What’s weird is that I just realized how many pieces of clothing I own that have polka dots on them.  They are mostly pink, but today’s polka dots are blue, so I’m going to talk about a woman’s baseball cap with blue polka dots (how’s that for a segue?).


1. People who hate polka dots.  These people clearly have some issues to work out (because polka dots are awesome), but hopefully they’ll see how cute you look in your woman’s baseball cap and come around.

2. People who are afraid of the water.  The little bit of aqua on your hat might help them ease into facing their fears.

3. Chocolate lovers.  The chocolate background on your woman’s baseball cap may be enough to hold them over till they can find a candy bar of their own.

4. Your kids.  They’ll know that mom is in a good mood when she’s wearing Aqua Dot Madcapz, and they’ll probably be in a better mood themselves.

5. Everyone.  I’m a firm believer that everyone would be happier if they had more polka dots in their lives.  And you should be the one to bring polka dots to them.

Who do you like to wear your Madcapz around? Do you like polka dots as much as I do?


Hat of the Week: Polka Dot Pink Hat

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012




It’s Wenedsday and I’m in a polka dots mood.  And a pink mood.  I think it might be an attempt to push myself through the week by being super upbeat  on a Wednesday (maybe Mean Girls was on to something with the line “on Wednesdays we wear pink”).

To me, a polka dot hat is the ultimate fun woman’s hat.  Wednesdays are the ultimate not fun day.  Yes you survived Monday and Tuesday but you still have Thursday and Friday.  And you haven’t quite gotten through Wednesday yet. 

So might I suggest along with you venti double shot caramel latte (or coffee black, whatever works for you), grab a polka dot hat, and enjoy your Wednesday.

You’re on your own for Thursday.

What’s your least favorite day of the week?  What hat would you choose to get you through a blah day?