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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

All Jacqueline Needs to Run: A Cute Baseball Cap and A Good Pair of Shoes


I don’t run.  But I have listened to my friend, Jacqueline, complain and, at times, gloat about her experiences with the sport.

Running and Jacqueline have a pretty good relationship.  Sure, sometimes they go long periods without seeing each other, she’s cheated on him with swimming, and during college they had a dubious open relationship with yoga, but for the most part they’re pretty good.

Jacqueline and her running wardrobe have a less good relationship.  She never really bought into the whole if you look good while you work out you’ll be more likely to work out.  While I personally think a cute cap is a great motivator for exercise, I do like her explanation that “working out is for me, and the world does not get to tell me how to dress while I’m doing it.” She will wear the ratty t-shirt and the ugly shorts and you will all just have to look at her.

The problem with this philosophy is that she runs outside in the north east and the weather has a tendency to change.  And at the moment it’s quite cold. So I see her, as I do every year, cave on her “low maintenance runner credo” and don actual athletic gear.  On with the runners tights, the light weight shells, the black gloves and of course the cute women’s baseball caps

So, what’s your work out uniform? And how does your baseball cap fit in?