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Winter Sale

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


Pink Petals Madcapz on Sale

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

You make a lot of decisions every day.  What to eat for breakfast, which shoes to wear, how many cups of coffee to drink (1, 2, 10?).  We know you’re going to buy a woman’s baseball cap during Madcapz Winter Sale, but which one will you buy?

How about Pink Petals Madcapz? During our Winter Sale (going on until January 28th), this pink woman’s hat is 40% off.  Pink Petals Madcapz (covered with pink rose petals) is a great antidote to the winter lack of flower blues.  It’s also great for those of you that love flowers but sneeze whenever the word pollen is even mentioned.  And for extra creativity points, you can give this woman’s fashion hat as a gift instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers.

But maybe you don’t like flowers.  Or it’s not that you don’t like flowers (cause who doesn’t not like flowers?), but that you want something more simple and clean.  Then might I suggest Not Quite White Madcapz (30% off during our Winter Sale). This almost white woman’s baseball hat looks fresh and crisp, without looking too harsh so that it looks clinical.  It will give you the easy fun feeling of wearing a white dress, without the fear that you are imminently going to spill something on it.

For even more options, check out our sale page. Decisions are hard, but we’re sure you’ll find one Madcapz you love (or perhaps 2).

What do you think of Pink Petals Madcapz and Not Quite White Madcapz? Do you spill things on all of your white clothes like I do?


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012




Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 13th in case you need a reminder). And while I’ve already explained why Madcapz are a great Mother’s Day gift (Mother’s Mad for Madcapz), I have another incentive.  Starting today through Sunday, May 6, we are having a Mother’s Day Sale.  You can save 25% off your order by using the coupon code MOMSDAY at the checkout (not valid with other offers).

Still not convinced?  Here are the Top 10 Reasons your mother deserves a Madcapz

1. She came to everyone of your sports games, and made sure you had the right baseball cap to go with the right uniform.

2. You’ve been borrowing her woman’s fashion accessories since you were old enough to figure out how to put on her heels and her pearls.

3. You inherited your love of pink from her, and she could really use a pink hat.

4. She owns a hat with a logo from your elementary school, middle school, high school and college and could use one that’s much cuter.

5. She taught you when (and how) to do your hair, and when you could just throw on a hat.

6. She let it slide those couple of years where you were super busy and didn’t get her a gift.

7. There’s enough Madcapz to choose from that you and your three sisters can buy her very different woman’s baseball hats.

8.  She made sure you always had your baseball cap when you were going out in the sum.

9. She taught you when it was appropriate to wear a baseball cap.

10. Umm…she’s your mom

What Hat Has Been Around For A Long Time?

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Baseball Hat Style Obviously Here To Stay

What’s the longest-running style hat ever? You guessed it – the baseball style hat.

So put on your Madcapz and learn a little history about the world’s most popular hat. Click on our Animal Safari Madcapz to read more:

Purchase your own Animal Safari Madcapz and have your own woman’s baseball cap!