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Women’s Hair Loss Blog

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Blog For Women With Hair Loss


The Women’s Hair Loss Project is one women’s journey of hair loss at a young age.  The blog was founded in 2007, as a way to deal with the overwhelming feelings of hair loss.  Although, the young women’s identity remains anonymous throughout the Web site; she states “this was just an idea I thought of while I was horribly sad and depressed about my own hair loss situation, and I knew that if there was a place where I could read about the daily dealings of another woman with hair loss, I would.”

And that is exactly what the blog has become: a place where women are encouraged to share their hair loss stories, discuss the treatment options they have undergone, share how they masked their hair loss from others, as well as share their coping techniques with other women dealing with the same situation.

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Look Good Feel Better Program For Women With Cancer

Friday, February 25th, 2011

ACS Program for Women Suffering from Hair Loss

American Cancer Society has a program,  Look Good Feel Better, that helps women deal with cancer and the effects of cancer, such as hair loss. Trained volunteer certified cosmetologists offer hands-on and self-help tips on areas such as hair loss and skin care.

The program seeks to help women cancer patients feel better about themselves and gain a sense of control back into their lives at a time when even the simplest things can be overwhelming.

For more information on this program, click on: LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER

Women With Hair Loss Believe In Their Healing Wig

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

How One Wig Has Helped Several Women With Breast Cancer


This is a story about a wig and its “healing” properties! Read how one wig has traveled from woman to woman as each woman experiences hair loss during her own battle with breast cancer:


Do you believe in lucky charms?

Women and Hair Loss

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Women with Hair Loss – Bald is Beautiful

Madcapz was created because I was suffering from hair loss.  For women, hair loss can be very hard to deal with – it was for me when I began to lose my hair from Grave’s Disease.

Here is an inspiring message from Sharon Blynn, cancer survivor and the founder of Bald is Beautiful, to all women with hair loss.

Click here to hear her message!

Madcapz and Women With Hair Loss

Monday, July 19th, 2010

I created Madcapz when I was losing my hair from Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disease, and couldn’t find a fun women’s cap to wear to cover my head. Madcapz women’s caps are very popular with women experiencing hair loss from various medical conditions such as chemo, Grave’s, and Alopecia Areata. Recently, there has been some new developments in tracing the genes tied to Alopecia.

Researchers have recently linked 8 genes in the development of Alopecia. Researchers said this discovery “greatly accelerated our ability to think about new drugs for patients with alopecia. It is a huge advantage.”

You can read here for more info:

Bald and Beautiful!

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

How Kayla Martell lost her hair to alopecia areata-and still went on to win the Miss Delaware crown. A truly inspiring story for women with hair loss.

Madcapz Announces Partnership with Tigerlily Foundation

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Madcapz is proud to announce its’ partnership with the Tigerlily Foundation.

The Tigerlily Foundation’s mission is:

  • To educate, advocate for, empower and provide hands-on services and support to young women (15-40), before, during, and after breast cancer.
  • To end isolation among young adult breast cancer survivors.
  • To improve the quality of life for young adult breast cancer survivors by creating vigilant self-advocates.
  • To promote ferociously fearless females.

To read more about the Tigerlily Foundation, please go to the Tigerlily Foundation website.

As a proud partner of the Tigerlily Foundation, Madcapz will donate 10% of all Madcapz sales made from the Tigerlily Foundation Shop back to the Foundation. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with this amazing Foundation.

My Personal Story On Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

My personal story is featured in Entrepreneurs – take a look:

Trish May – An Inspirational Woman

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I found this very inspiring!

After successful treatment for breast cancer, Trish May decided to build a nonprofit business to raise money for cancer research and education. Read the article from the NY Times here:

Breast cancer and women with hair loss

As a cancer survivor, Trish decided to become in her words, “..part of the cure.” Her company, Athena Partners, creates products whose profits go 100% to cancer research and education. This is an awesome lady – and one I truly admire.

Women & Hair Loss

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

This article from the NY Times is informative and addresses a concern not usually discussed:

Women and Hair Loss

Women & Hair Loss

And from the number of comments from women at the end of the article, this is a topic that bears discussion!