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Sporty Fun Womens Baseball Caps

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Fun Women’s Baseball Caps

Made In USA Womens CapsStart summer off with getting yourself a fun women’s baseball cap. Aren’t you tired of the boring sports logo’d caps? Looking for a sporty but fun cap to wear? Look no further!

Madcapz are baseball caps made for women by a woman! Offering a low profile fit, adjustable strap, and fun fabulous prints, our Madcapz will be your favorite baseball cap ever! Shop here and receive free shipping: Fun Women’s Baseball Caps

Hot Time, Cool Hats

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Fun Cool Cap For Summer

Fun Cap For SummerYou need a fun cool cap for summer and we have them! Lots of womens baseball caps in lots of prints: pastels, animal prints, polka dots, and geometric prints like the ladies fashion baseball cap pictured above!

Enjoy free shipping all summer long – shop at madcapz and buy the womens baseball cap that best reflects your true style! Shop here now: Ladies Fashion Baseball Caps

Madcapz Womens Baseball Caps On Sale On Open Sky

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Save 35% on Madcapz Womens Baseball Caps at Open Sky


All of our Madcapz are on sale today for 35% off at Open Sky. Check out all of our fun Madcapz for spring: Womens Baseball Caps

and while you are there take a look at all of the other fabulous items for sale by small businesses. I promise you will happy you took a look!

Our fun womens baseball caps are 35% off today only, so get shopping on Open Sky: Womens Baseball Caps

Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.31.49 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yup, the sudden appearance of heart themed decorations in restaurants is not some new trend, it means the holiday synonymous with love is here.

Whether you love, hate, or politely ignore Valentine’s Day, odds are you will probably encounter some reminder of it today. So, as Madcapz gift to you, I’ve created a Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day- No Matter How You Feel About It

1. Wear your favorite woman’s baseball cap. If you like Valentine’s Day, it’s probably a pink one, so you can get in the spirit of the holiday.  If you hate Valentine’s Day, you can rebel against the holiday with your non-love related hat.  If you don’t care one way or the other, you can just be happy because you’re wearing your favorite woman’s fashion hat.

2. Call someone to tell them you love them.  This is a nice gesture, even if you can’t stand the holiday, and you’ll feel better after you talk to someone you care about.

3. Go for a walk, a run, a crawl, etc. Put on a Madcapz and take some time for yourself.  Exercise puts you in a better mood.

4. Eat some chocolate.  If you like Valentine’s Day, you can eat a heart shaped piece.  If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, eat some regular chocolate.  If you don’t like chocolate, there’s really nothing I can do for you.

5. Know its 24 hours long.  Really less, assuming you’re one of those people who sleeps. You can fit as much celebration as you want or as little into a day.  And remember that the people who care about you will still care about you after Valentine’s Day is over.  And 365 days of love is way better than 1.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Anything I missed on my list?

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21st, 2012


Reviewing 2012

And we’ve come to the last post of 2012.

It’s been one very full year.  We’ve had the presidential election, hurricanes, and national tragedies. 

We’ve had the conclusions to giant movie franchises with Batman and Twilight, and the beginning of new ones, the Hunger Games, the Avengers and the Hobbit.  We fell back in love with James Bond.

We’ve had the year of women. 

We learned that Kate Middleton was pregnant.

We’ve mastered Gangnam Style. We’ve hated Call Me Maybe.  We’ve rolled our eyes that Fun. has a period in its band name.  We still have no idea how to pronounce Gotye.

We’ve learned who Gossip Girl is.

We still have no idea who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother.

We said goodbye to Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.

We had the Olympics, where the opening ceremony involved Mary Poppins, sheep, and the Queen and James Bond jumping out of a plane.

We’ve learned an awful lot about Lena Dunham.

And we haven’t even gotten to whatever apocalyptic ending the Mayans have in store for us tomorrow.

Madcapz wishes you the best for the rest of 2012!  Happy Holidays!

And remember, when preparing for the end of the world, always remember your woman’s baseball caps.

What are your highlights from 2012?  What are you looking forward to in 2013?


Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


I have Let it Snow stuck in my head.  The mail man’s bag was filled with cardboard boxes.  White lights are decorating all of the trees.  This all means that the Holiday Season is most definitely upon us. 

So it’s time to pour yourself a rather large glass of eggnog, blast Baby It’s Cold Outside (by far my favorite Christmas carol) and embrace the season of giving.

But in all seriousness, Madcapz wishes you a wonderful, healthy, and family and friend filled Holiday Season.  We are so grateful for all of you. 

And because we love all of you, here’s a quick guide to surviving the Holiday Season:

1. Remember to take a moment for yourself.  Put on your favorite woman’s baseball cap and go on a walk, run or quick sprint to a cup of coffee.

2. Make sure you do the Holiday tasks you actually enjoy.  If you like baking, bake.  If you hate ice skating, I’m sure your sister who loves it will be willing to take the kids (it will be a great excuse for her to show off her new woman’s fashion visor).

3. Call a friend you don’t get to talk to much.  The Holiday Season is a great reason to reconnect with people.

4. Act like a kid again.  Getting excited about Santa coming down the chimney is fun whether or not you believe on him.

5. Have fun.

What’s your favorite thing about the Holiday Season?  Anything to add to our list?

Baseball Caps Are Ever So Fashionable

Monday, August 27th, 2012




I love articles about how great baseball caps are.

Click here to read an article about various ways to wear a baseball cap: Ways To Wear A Baseball Cap

I liked that this article showed how versatile baseball caps can be.  I disliked that the article showed so many actual baseball caps, with baseball logos on them.  I admit that they are great way to show support for your favorite team, and can be cute, but with so much variety out there, it seemed very limited.  I also disliked that the article implied that the best baseball caps are from your boyfriend’s closet.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t steal your boyfriend’s/husband’s baseball cap if you like (and you know, they don’t need it), but if you want a hat that really fits, go for a woman’s baseball cap (might I suggest any of our Madcapz).

But back to the good of the article.  It did show some fashion baseball caps that were designed for women. And it showed three celebrities on the boardwalk, the beach and the street, which shows how much wear you can get out of a woman’s baseball cap.

So do what the celebs are doing, and grab a cute woman’s baseball cap.  It will make any outfit.

What did you think of the article? Where do you like wearing your woman’s baseball cap?

Hat of the Week: Aztec Jade Madcapz

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012



So the Aztecs haven’t exactly been in the news lately (we can’t all be the Mayan’s, predicting the end of the world).  But while they might not be the ancient culture du jour, they are still pretty awesome and would have enjoyed our Aztec Jade Madcapz.  In their honor, we list the other periods of history that would have eagerly worn Madcapz.

Top 5 historical groups who would have enjoyed Madcapz:

1. Nobility at Versailles: These people probably had more in common with Paris Fashion Week than one would think.  Being in style was very important at Versailles, and fashions changed from year to year.  They would have enjoyed our fashion forward woman’s baseball caps, even if they wouldn’t know what baseball was.

2. Victorian Women:  At the end of the 19th century, women’s hats were getting more outlandish, garnished with silk flowers, ribbons and feathers.  Our Madcapz are just as dynamic, without the annoying environmentalist yelling about killing birds for their feathers.

3. Flappers:  These women would have enjoyed these woman’s baseball caps, as they are similarly compact to the cloche hat, and they would have felt very modern.

4. Revolutionary War Soldiers: Ok, so enjoyed might be the wrong word, but instead of the three-corner hat, it would be awesome to see George Washington in any of our Madcapz.  Plus it’s easy to get sunburn crossing rivers, and our hats would have protected their skin.

5. The Egyptians: No, they didn’t really wear hats. But woman’s baseball hats would have been helpful in protecting against the Egyptian sun.  And we know the pharaohs would have put them in their tombs, to wear in the afterlife.

Any other historical groups that would have liked Madcapz?  What do you think of the Aztec Jade Madcapz?

Fashionable Sportswear

Monday, May 14th, 2012




So, apparently the fashion world has finally accepted that you should be able to feel good in your clothes while looking good.  Glad they’ve come around to Madcapz way of thinking.

Click here to read an article on Sportswear: From Slouchy to Sexy

So apparently, it’s the era of the track suit.  And no, I am not suggesting that Sue Sylvester is going to be the epitome of fashion.  I mean, according to the article, in order for it to be acceptable to wear track suit pants, it’s necessary to pair them with high heels (wouldn’t it be nice if really comfortable shoes were the height of fashion? If only just for a month…). 

What I find interesting about fashionable sportswear is that it takes something that is comfortable and easy to move in and makes it fashionable.  This shouldn’t be that novel a concept, but I feel like most designer make a garment and it might be comfortable, it might not be, it’s kind of irrelevant (this may explain the popularity of leggings and maxi dresses, they are both comfortable and fashionable). I like the idea of taking the wearer’s needs as a starting point for fashion design, as opposed to being an afterthought.

At Madcapz, we realized that women needed a baseball cap that actually fit them, so we created really cute ones that actually fit them, instead of creating a cute cap that might or might not fit.

Woman’s Baseball Caps are “In” This Spring

Friday, April 27th, 2012



There is a new trend sweeping the nation and it’s…WOMAN’S BASEBALL CAPS!

Click here for the New York Times Style Section article on woman’s baseball caps:  NEW YORK TIMES STYLE SECTION

So sweeping the nation might be a slight stretch, but this is definitely the third article I’ve seen about this, and you know what they say, one is nothing, two is a coincidence, three is a trend.

And they clearly aren’t men’s hats, they are designed for women.  Some even have patterns on them. Now please excuse me for a second while I pat myself on the back for being ahead of the curve.

We all know that woman’s baseball caps are great for sports, whether it’s tennis, running, hiking, or walking to the field to watch your kid play a sport.  But I feel like that’s selling them short.  There’s just too much potential there. There’s no reason that these hats have to be confined to days when you don’t shower.  Woman’s baseball caps should be meant to, and Madcapz are meant to, be worn when you already look great, and the hat adds something to the outfit.

OK, but you know that I think this.  I’m just glad that the rest of the world is finally coming around to my way of thinking.

Are you glad that these hats are finally getting their day in the spotlight? What do you think of the other fashion accessories in this slide show?