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Fashion Accessories: The Purse

Friday, May 11th, 2012



Today, we are going to talk about the other woman’s fashion accessory: the purse.  While I can claim that you’re never fully dressed without a Madcapz , the truth of the matter is that you probably feel naked without your purse.

Click here to read: A Working Woman’s Guide To A Purse

To say that this article offers particularly novel tips would be a gross exaggeration, but I think that Monika Botkier’s, a New York based handbag designer, description of the size of the ideal bag to be helpful.  She suggests that it should be large enough to hold a pair of ballet flats, but not large high heel shoes, big enough for an IPad, but not a laptop, vast enough to hold a woman’s baseball cap, but not a sunhat (okay, I may have added that last one) . I also liked her suggestion of having a more fun tote when carrying larger items such as gym clothes, or paper files.

The only thing is that a part of me strongly believes that for the majority of women, a non-cluttered purse may be the Holy Grail of organized living. I think a solution may be to have one professional purse, where everything is in its proper place, and one large bag tucked under your desk, that holds everything you need to live.

What do you think of the article’s suggestion?  Is your purse organized? Do you wish it was organized?


Hat of the week: Dapper Dogs Madcapz

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


The 5 Dos of Wearing the Dapper Dogs Madcapz (and a couple of don’ts).

DO wear this woman’s baseball cap when walking your dog

DO wear this hat when watching the dog shows and rooting for your favorite pooch (I always root for the Golden Retriever)

DON’T wear this hat when attending cat lover conventions

DO wear this woman’s fashion accessory when trying to convince your husband that you guys really need a dog

DO wear this when hanging out with your dog, so he feels like you guys are of the same mind

DON’T wear this hat at the pound, the workers may mix you up with the dogs and throw you in the kennel.

DO wear this woman’s baseball cap whenever you need to feel the unconditional love that only dogs can provide.