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Hats are Becoming More Popular

Monday, June 18th, 2012



Click here to read an article on how hats are making a comeback: Hats Becoming More Popular

Every time someone writes an article about how hats are making a comeback, I have a range of emotions. On the one hand, I’m glad that hats are getting their day in the spotlight. I’m glad that people are buying more hats. On the other hand, I’m annoyed that it’s taken the fashion industry this long to realize how awesome women’s fashion hats can be.  Then I go put on a Madcapz hat and I feel better.

I realize that this is a borderline silly rant, but I feel like we’ve been needing woman’s fashions hats for a while, whether it’s because we’ve been losing our hair, because we need it to go exercise, or because our outfits would simply look better with a hat.  I feel that hats have been noticeably missed from our wardrobe, and it took everyone way to long realize this.

But I am glad that hats are getting attention.  We all need a hat that makes us feel great, and as hats are more popular, there will be more choices, and more chances of finding that one hat. Just remember, Madcapz was ahead of the curve.

What did you think about the article?  Are you glad hats are making a comeback?

Mich Dulce’s New Women’s Fashion Hats

Monday, March 19th, 2012




Click here to see: Mich Dulce new hats

So these hats might be slightly ridiculous. I also feel like there isn’t a single outfit I own that would not look completely absurd with the bow hat.  It’s kind of like Minnie mouse met an angel who turned her bow into a halo.

But while Ms. Dulce’s women’s hats may not have been designed for me, I agreed with everything she said about hats. That they are for everyone, that you should be comfortable in them, and my favorite “Choosing a hat is more about how you feel than how it looks.”

Yes, at Madcapz style is very important.  I wanted to give women an alternative to men’s baseball caps’ boring logos.  But I also wanted to create that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put on your favorite outfit.  Because wearing your favorite outfit makes you feel more confident, which makes you do more important things in it, which means you were wearing your favorite outfit when you made your favorite memories.

When you choose a fashion baseball cap, it should me “more about how you feel than how if looks.”  And trust us, you’ll look really good.

Do you like Dulce’s hats? Do you agree with her hat philosophy?

Hat Fashion From the ’60s

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Flashback To The Hats of the 1960s


Take a look into the past by Victoriana Magazine.  This video clip shows fabulous women’s hats from Christian Dior’s 1967 African inspired summer collection fashion show.


Do any of these women’s hats give you some inspiration for a more modern piece?

Women’s Hats Making Fashionable Comeback

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Women’s Hats Are Making A Comeback


According to an article posted in AI Insite, hats of all kinds are making a comeback! The wide variety of styles from fedoras to newsboy caps, berets to cloche hats, and our favorite: women’s baseball caps, all offer hat designers plenty of creative avenues to pursue.  The assortment of materials and embellishments that can be used for hats make them versatile accessories.

“The hat craze that we have today is due to the fact that we have celebrities wearing more of them as fashion statements, said Professor Tammy Apóstol from Miami’s International University of Arts and Design.

Milliner Laura Hubka, who “stumbled into hat making after falling victim to a terrible hair cut,” adds “I am happy to see younger women develop their interests in hats. “Young girls, even those interested in fashion, are easily intimidated by headwear; any time they see a hat worn beautifully, it gets them a little closer to being tempted to wear one.”

Please click here to read more of this terrific article: HAT COMEBACK

And if you want to get started shopping for fun women’s hats, click here: WOMEN’S FUN HATS!

Vintage Women’s Hats As Collectibles

Monday, February 14th, 2011


Vintage Women’s Hats

Hats today are used for many different purposes: protecting people’s heads from the rain, sun or cold. Many men and women sports such as baseball and softball require the players to wear hats as part of their uniform. Vintage hats, however, had a different purpose; to be worn as a piece of fashion for women. These kind of hats, mostly from the early and mid 20th century, can now be sold for a lot of money because of the history and prestige behind them. Click on the photo below to read more: