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Hats and the Kentucky Derby

Friday, May 4th, 2012



I’m beginning to think that Madcapz should do a calendar for all of the times that it is socially appropriate to wear ridiculous hats.  There’s the spring and fall fashion week, horse races, Easter, Halloween, and a Royal wedding.  And that’s just off the top of my head.

Anyway, this week we’re talking about the women’s hats at the Kentucky Derby.

Click here to see photos of the hats from the Kentucky Derby: Women’s Hats

I liked the In Praise of Mint Juleps Hat and the Tim Burton Hat best. I do kind of wonder about the people wearing the hats though.  I get the ones that are clearly ridiculous homages to the Kentucky Derby.  If you have some spare money and even more spare time, I think they might be fun to create.  But I’m confused by the women’s hats that don’t seem to have to do with Kentucky Derby, and are still hideous.  I suppose it’s a tradition to wear absurd hats, but do these people walk out of the house thinking “I look good?” I guess if it makes them happy…

Also, am I the only one creeped out by the horse heads on the hats?

What do you think of the hats?  Which ones are your favorites? If you had the chance, would you wear a ridiculous hat to the Kentucky Derby?


New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade

Monday, April 16th, 2012




I know that Easter was eight days ago, but I just ran across this article/slide show about New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade, and it was too good to not share with you.

Click here for the slide show from the Bonnet Parade: BONNET PARADE

These men and woman’s fashion accessories range from normal to fashion show weird to why would you think to put that on your head. And to be honest, they tend toward the stranger end of the spectrum.

Which brings me to my question of the day (I don’t really have questions of the day but that sounded better than question of some arbitrary unit of time), if there were no such thing as “fashionable,” how would we dress? If no one told us that the woman’s hat shows in the picture above was not a good look, would we go around dressing like that?

I think that we would actually go the other way.  If there was no fashion world, we’d probably just cut out two arm holes and a head hole in a pillow case and wear that around. I think the notion of fashionably keeps up wearing the more ridiculous, as opposed to stopping us.

Does what’s fashionable influence how you dress or are you a pillow case kind of gal? Somewhere in between?  Do you like the Easter bonnets?

Mich Dulce’s New Women’s Fashion Hats

Monday, March 19th, 2012




Click here to see: Mich Dulce new hats

So these hats might be slightly ridiculous. I also feel like there isn’t a single outfit I own that would not look completely absurd with the bow hat.  It’s kind of like Minnie mouse met an angel who turned her bow into a halo.

But while Ms. Dulce’s women’s hats may not have been designed for me, I agreed with everything she said about hats. That they are for everyone, that you should be comfortable in them, and my favorite “Choosing a hat is more about how you feel than how it looks.”

Yes, at Madcapz style is very important.  I wanted to give women an alternative to men’s baseball caps’ boring logos.  But I also wanted to create that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put on your favorite outfit.  Because wearing your favorite outfit makes you feel more confident, which makes you do more important things in it, which means you were wearing your favorite outfit when you made your favorite memories.

When you choose a fashion baseball cap, it should me “more about how you feel than how if looks.”  And trust us, you’ll look really good.

Do you like Dulce’s hats? Do you agree with her hat philosophy?

Woman’s Hats News: Kate Middleton Named Hat Person of the Year

Monday, February 6th, 2012



Did you know that there was a “Hat Person of the Year”?

No, me neither. 

Well, there is, and Princess Kate Middleton has been named queen of women’s hats. Personally, I think that everyone in attendance at the royal wedding should have collectively been named “Hat people of the year.” I think it was a group effort that made anyone take notice of Kate’s wonderful fashion accessories.  So, let’s give credit where credits due and democratize the Hat awards. 

Click Hat Person of the Year for more info or click on the photo below:

I do like Kate’s hat.  Not in an I would actually wear it sort of way, but in it’s an impressive that you can pull that off sort of way.  (For a red cap you can definitely pull off check out Abbie Madcapz).  Here at Madcapz, we strive to make fun women’s hats, so I think that the award should be given to the woman who has the most fun wearing the hats.  How we would measure that, I’m not sure, but I think “person who enjoys hats the most” is an award I could get behind.

So what do you think?  Is Kate Middleton worthy of such a title?  Who would you rather see crowned? 


Monday, January 23rd, 2012

All Jacqueline Needs to Run: A Cute Baseball Cap and A Good Pair of Shoes


I don’t run.  But I have listened to my friend, Jacqueline, complain and, at times, gloat about her experiences with the sport.

Running and Jacqueline have a pretty good relationship.  Sure, sometimes they go long periods without seeing each other, she’s cheated on him with swimming, and during college they had a dubious open relationship with yoga, but for the most part they’re pretty good.

Jacqueline and her running wardrobe have a less good relationship.  She never really bought into the whole if you look good while you work out you’ll be more likely to work out.  While I personally think a cute cap is a great motivator for exercise, I do like her explanation that “working out is for me, and the world does not get to tell me how to dress while I’m doing it.” She will wear the ratty t-shirt and the ugly shorts and you will all just have to look at her.

The problem with this philosophy is that she runs outside in the north east and the weather has a tendency to change.  And at the moment it’s quite cold. So I see her, as I do every year, cave on her “low maintenance runner credo” and don actual athletic gear.  On with the runners tights, the light weight shells, the black gloves and of course the cute women’s baseball caps

So, what’s your work out uniform? And how does your baseball cap fit in?

Hats Are Making A Comeback

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Women’s Hats: Fun Winter Fashion Accessory


“Classy, practical, and cool,” three words Lisa Armstrong uses to describe women’s hats.  In this article, Armstrong discusses her opinion on why women stopped wearing hats; as well as share her personal perspective on wearing women’s hats

This article is a fun easy read, Madcapz would like to hear some other thoughts on hat wearing!



Do you have your hat ready for winter?


Hat Fashion From the ’60s

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Flashback To The Hats of the 1960s


Take a look into the past by Victoriana Magazine.  This video clip shows fabulous women’s hats from Christian Dior’s 1967 African inspired summer collection fashion show.


Do any of these women’s hats give you some inspiration for a more modern piece?

Beautiful, Wacky, and Tacky Women’s Hats

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Unusual Beautiful Women’s Hats


If you love women’s hats, then this is the perfect video for you! Accompanied by the song “Pretty Women,” this video displays a wide range of beautiful, wacky, tacky women’s hats that you’ve probably never seen before. 

Enjoy watching, hat lovers!


If you want something a little more tame for your head, check out our Madcapz!

Women’s Hats Making Fashionable Comeback

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Women’s Hats Are Making A Comeback


According to an article posted in AI Insite, hats of all kinds are making a comeback! The wide variety of styles from fedoras to newsboy caps, berets to cloche hats, and our favorite: women’s baseball caps, all offer hat designers plenty of creative avenues to pursue.  The assortment of materials and embellishments that can be used for hats make them versatile accessories.

“The hat craze that we have today is due to the fact that we have celebrities wearing more of them as fashion statements, said Professor Tammy Apóstol from Miami’s International University of Arts and Design.

Milliner Laura Hubka, who “stumbled into hat making after falling victim to a terrible hair cut,” adds “I am happy to see younger women develop their interests in hats. “Young girls, even those interested in fashion, are easily intimidated by headwear; any time they see a hat worn beautifully, it gets them a little closer to being tempted to wear one.”

Please click here to read more of this terrific article: HAT COMEBACK

And if you want to get started shopping for fun women’s hats, click here: WOMEN’S FUN HATS!

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

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