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Fun Women’s Caps and Visors at The Park City Silly Sunday Market

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Women’s Golf Caps and Visors To Be At Park City Market


Starting this Sunday, July 3, Madcapz will be participating in the Park City Silly Sunday Market on Main Street in Park City, Utah. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hi! We’ll be looking for you! We’ll be the booth with the fun women’s hats and visors!

Before you come on by, take a look at all our fun women’s golf  hats and visors so you know which one you want to buy!

Top 10 Hats From Kentucky Derby

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Women’s Hats At The Kentucky Derby


The 137th Kentucky Derby was this past weekend, and in line with tradition, women’s heads were covered with big, bold, bright, colorful, eye-popping headwear! Here are 10 of the best women’s hats as reported by Bennett Spector of


Hmmm…no Madcapz this year…..oh well, which is your favorite topper? Let us know!

Hats Worn By Royal Wedding Guests

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Royal Wedding Hat Fashion


With the big royal wedding behind us, let’s look one more time at some of the women’s hats worn by guests and those involved in the wedding. The head covered guest list included Victoria Beckham, Camilla, duchess of Cornwall, Princess Eugenie, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Samantha Cameron. Philip Treacy, the famous hat designer, not only designed the hat worn by Kate Middleton but also designed one of our favorites of the wedding, the broad, swooping brim women’s hat worn by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Other interesting creative toppers were the gravity-defying hat worn by Victoria Beckham. Princess Eugenie wore a feathered hat, while Samantha Cameron surprised everyone by doning a feathery barrette instead of a hat. Click on the photo below to see more fabulous women’s hats worn at the wedding:


Women’s hats are definitely in this season, so keep on rockin’ those Madcapz women’s hats!

Hats at the Royal Wedding

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Is That Really A Women’s Hat?


We love hats! We love all kinds of women’s hats! We think we are very open to new and creative designs in women’s headwear, however, we just have to agree with the majority on the disapproval of Princess Beatrice’s hat that she wore to the Royal Wedding:


We love individuality and artistic expression in women’s hats, and usually love Philip Treacy’s creations. In fact, his creations donned the heads of at least a dozen women at the Royal Wedding.

But we have to say, this ribbon creation of a women’s hat gets a thumbs down from us! What do you think?

To see more women’s hats that were worn at the Royal Wedding, click on the photo above or here: Royal Wedding Hats

Look Who’s Designing Women’s Hats For the Kentucky Derby!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Women’s Hats At The Kentucky Derby


With the Kentucky Derby just a couple of weeks away, hats and fashion are on everyone’s mind. The Kentucky Derby is not only famous for its horse racing but also for the women’s hats worn by those in attendance. Designer Betsey Johnson has created three new ladies hats that will be unveiled at the Kentucky Derby.

The three women’s hats, as she describes them, are the Barbie hat (a fun hat), the Rose hat (featuring quirky bugs and spiders) and the Cleopatra-meets-Scarlett hat (has a pink wig). The hats were made to benefit the Breast Cancer Coalition and Gilda’s Club of Louisville.

Check these fun women’s hats out and read more about them here:

We will be wearing our Madcapz fun women’s hats as we watch the Kentucky Derby, what about you?



Women’s Hats Making A Comeback

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Women’s Hats: The Must Have Fashion Accessory

Women’s hats are back in style  and a revival in millinery is due to several factors but chief among them: celebrities wearing hats!

Click on the photo below to read this great post from AiInsite Online Magazine on the comeback of women’s hats — although we here at Madcapz never thought women’s hats were not in style, but then again, we are too busy manufacturing and selling fabulous looking women’s caps!


Wedding Hats Are In

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Wedding Veils: Thing of the Past?


Veils are traditionally worn by the bride when she is getting married but times are changing and there is a new headpiece accessory for that her special day: a wedding hat. That’s right, hats are the latest trends for today’s bride. They are becoming so popular they even have their own name, fascinators. Wedding shops all around are seeing the sales of wedding hats rise against the traditional veil. The reasons for the trend: the hats allow for more mobility and are also popular with outdoor weddings.

So forget that veil and sport a women’s hat instead!


How To Make A Straw Hat

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Making Straw Hats Woven by Machine


Even though Madcapz are women’s baseball caps, we are fascinated by lots of women’s hat styles. We think this is so cool – instructions on how to make your own straw hat:

1)     Dampen the straw by dipping it in water. Dry until the straw is flexible. (the bigger the hat the more straw will be needed)

2)     Turn one end of the straw under, like making a hem.  Close the end by sewing a few stitches with a hand-sewing needle and nylon thread.

3)     Curve the end of what was done in the previous step as you machine stitch the woven straw into a circle shape using a free arm sewing machine. Allow the edge of the straw to slip underneath as you continue to stitch along the circle pattern, making it larger.

4)     Continue to curve the straw and stitch until your desired size.

5)     Cut the end of the bundle straw with sharp fabric scissors. Turn the end under and repeat Step 2. Finish the crown by tucking the end at the hat’s center back.

To finish the hat using the machine visit the website by clicking on the photo below:



Introducing My Madcapz Rewards Program!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Buy 6 Madcapz and get the next one FREE!


We are excited to introduce our new rewards program: MY MADCAPZ!  Our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers! For every 6 Madcapz women’s caps or women’s visors you purchase, we will send  you one FREE Madcapz – of your choice! Yep, that’s right, you can select the women’s cap or women’s visor you want and we’ll ship it right out to you. How’s that for fabulous?

And the best thing about our new MY MADCAPZ rewards program is that you don’t have to do a thing! Nope, we track your purchases and when you have purchased 6 Madcapz women’s caps or women’s visors, or combination of the two, we will give you the next one FREE – any Madcapz you want!

We are so excited about this new program, and hope you are too!

How soon will you receive your FREE Madcapz? And which one will you select?

Fun Spring Hats Are Here!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Women’s Hats For Spring – Our Painted Posies Madcapz!


Spring is around the corner and we are thrilled to introduce our new Spring line of Madcapz women’s baseball caps!

Looking for a fun women’s hat? Like the fit of a baseball cap but want one that’s flirty and feminine? Check out our Painted Posies Madcapz:

Pink and purple posies adorn this white fitted women’s baseball cap. The perfect spring pick me up! A fashion accessory you will want this spring and summer!