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Hat of the Week: Serve n’ Volley Madcapz

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012



So maybe you are a really great athlete.  Maybe you’re not.  Maybe you’re basically a pro tennis player.  Maybe you just play for fun with your kids.  No matter what, Serve n’ Volley Madcapz is a great hat for you.  Don’t believe me?  Here are 6 reasons wearing this woman’s baseball hat is easier than actually playing tennis:

1. Wearing this woman’s hat requires no eye hand coordination (well I suppose it requires eye head coordination, because you have to actually put it on your head).

2. You don’t actually have to be a tennis player, you can just wear this fashion accessory and people will assume you are.

3. No running required.

4. You will look great in this woman’s baseball hat, not matter how you look in your tennis whites.

5. The hat blocks you from the sun, instead of forcing you to play in it.

6. While you can only play tennis on the court, you can wear Serve n’ Volley Madcapz anywhere.