Valentine’s Day Madcapz


Polka Dot Pink Madcapz

So it’s almost February (I can’t tell if I feel like January has lasted forever or no time at all), which means that we’re about to inundated with pictures of candy hearts, chocolate boxes and roses.  Yup, believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Whether your ideal Valentine’s Day is a romantic candlelight dinner or a night where you throw things at happy couples of television, there is probably someone in your life you want to give a gift to (a mother, a daughter, a friend.)  So may I suggest a pink woman’s baseball cap?

There are plenty of different pink ladies fashion caps that you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for any woman in your life.

A hat like the Polka Dot Pink Hat is a fun Valentine’s Day gift. It’s perfect for your friend who prefers to spend Valentine’s Day baking heart shaped cookies and calling everyone she knows to tell them that she loves them. 

Polka dot woman’s hats are for the woman who wants to design her own Valentine’s Day date and makes sure it’s a lot of fun for both her and her husband.

It’s also perfect for anyone who likes polka dots.  And really who doesn’t like polka dots?

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