Visor of the Week: Fireworks Madcapz Visor


It’s Wednesday.  It’s September.  Quite frankly, I could use a little celebration, so for the first Visor of the Week, I have chosen Fireworks Madcapz Visor. While I would love it if there would be fireworks in my honor tonight, I think it’s more realistic to put on a woman’s golf visor which I know will make me feel celebrated.

Top 10 Excuses To Wear Fireworks Madcapz Visor

1. You got a promotion.  What better way to celebrate than with Fireworks Madcapz Visor

2. You ran a marathon. You are clearly awesome. Celebrate yourself!

3. You ran a mile.  In some ways, this is more impressive than the marathon, give yourself a pat on the back and put on your Fireworks Madcapz Visor

4. You didn’t burn dinner.  Hey, if you don’t enjoy the little things in life, what else is there?

5. You cleaned your kitchen.  My grandmother always said if you’re in a bad mood, clean the kitchen.  You’ll still be in bad mood but you’ll have a clean kitchen.  Put on this woman’s golf visor and you might get out of your bad mood.

6. You won your tennis game.

7. You lost your tennis game.  You still played right?  You deserve fireworks as much as the people who won.

8. You did everything on your to do list.

9. You took a day off.  It takes a lot to realize you need a break, celebrate having enough sense to take one.

10. Um, do you really need an excuse? Wear this woman’s golf visor every day.

What reasons do you chose to celebrate?  Do you celebrate little accomplishments?

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