What to Wear: Prints



I have good news if you like prints and bad news if you don’t.  Prints are going to be around for the next few seasons.  This shouldn’t affect your life that much if you don’t like prints, you can pretty much continue not wearing them (unless you hate them to the point where seeing anyone wearing prints sends you into a rage blackout, and if this is the case I suggest that you stop reading this blog and go seek some professional help).

Click here to read an article about how prints will be around for many more seasons: PRINTS ARE HERE TO STAY

For those of you do like prints, feel free to buy more (and check out our animal print women’s baseball caps like Animal Safari Madcapz and EZ Zebra Madcapz).

I think that the great thing about prints, and why I believe this writer when she says they will be around for at least a little while longer, is that they have so much variety.  Even if you think that you aren’t the kind of person who would wear prints, there is most likely a print you would really like (that looks nothing like the awful one the woman across from you on the bus is wearing).  If you don’t want to wear head to toe prints, take the article’s suggestion and try printed boots or handbags (or Madcapz).

Are you a fan of prints?  Do you think they’ll last another few seasons?

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