For Women With Hair Loss

When I was losing my hair (from Grave’s Disease) all I wanted was a fun feminine cap to wear. I liked the style and fit of a baseball cap but got tired of wearing boring company logo’d baseball caps made for men.  I wanted a women’s cap that looked like a baseball cap but was made specially for women: a women’s baseball cap with style, color, and flair.  And I wanted a hat that would not only make me look great but allow me to feel good about myself.  After searching everywhere, I came up empty and so, I decided to create them myself – and MADCAPZ was born!

Women who are experiencing hair loss from chemo for cancer treatment, alopecia, trichotillomania, or other medical conditions love MADCAPZ fun colorful prints. MADCAPZ make women feel feminine, fashionable, and comfortable while they are experiencing hair loss.

MADCAPZ are designed especially for women by a woman: offering the low profile fit women love, an adjustable strap for an easy fit, 100% cotton, and a wide brim. Women who are undergoing chemo, experiencing alopecia, or other hair loss conditions love our close fitting caps that fit snugly on the head.

Choose your cancer headwear from among our 20 colorful cotton prints. Our fashionable caps can be worn day or night, casual or dressy, making them the perfect alternative to other cancer caps, chemo hats, turbans, and headscarves. MADCAPZ ladies hats are fun, uplifting, and stylish – a different kind of chemo cap!

MADCAPZ also offers kids caps for children with hair loss from alopecia, trichotillomania, or other medical conditions.MADCAPZ kids caps make great gifts for pediatric cancer patients experiencing hair loss from chemo treatments.

MADCAPZ do have a ponytail hole in the back of the cap. Some of our customers have told us that they wear a thin skull cap or night cap under MADCAPZ, but the majority of women with hair loss that purchase MADCAPZ wear our MADCAPZ as is.

Our selection of pink caps are quite popular as gifts for breast cancer patients. Our uplifting colorful hats make terrific gifts for cancer patients instead of the usual hats for chemo patients, turbans, and headscarves. All gifts are specially wrapped with a personal note card, making MADCAPZ a special unique gift for women with hair loss.

Come take a look at our wide selection of fun uplifting colorful caps. We hope you have fun shopping at MADCAPZ!