Women’s Hats Making Fashionable Comeback

Women’s Hats Are Making A Comeback


According to an article posted in AI Insite, hats of all kinds are making a comeback! The wide variety of styles from fedoras to newsboy caps, berets to cloche hats, and our favorite: women’s baseball caps, all offer hat designers plenty of creative avenues to pursue.  The assortment of materials and embellishments that can be used for hats make them versatile accessories.

“The hat craze that we have today is due to the fact that we have celebrities wearing more of them as fashion statements, said Professor Tammy Apóstol from Miami’s International University of Arts and Design.

Milliner Laura Hubka, who “stumbled into hat making after falling victim to a terrible hair cut,” adds “I am happy to see younger women develop their interests in hats. “Young girls, even those interested in fashion, are easily intimidated by headwear; any time they see a hat worn beautifully, it gets them a little closer to being tempted to wear one.”

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